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@ The story of 2 bricklayers
by Kauila

Square stream on consciousness

Bricks - stack them to the sky.
This is easy.
This'll be fun.
Just start stacking them.
Oh, yes, my radio.  There! My radio is on nice and loud.
Oh no! It's in the news again!  Racial tension in Sydney....Of Middle Eastern appearance.....6 Friggin terrorists coming to this country!  It's in the papers.  What's this country coming to? Oh, my stack, it's,  it's .. um what's happening here?  It's all crooked and wobbly.  Not possible. No. Faulty bricks! Call the manufa... OUCH! Friggin brick fell on my head.

Easy person's stream of consciousness

One brick, two bricks.  What a beautiful sunset!  The bricks can wait.

Subject for Story
We are looking for creative companies.
Let us know your ideas. For an opener, I would propose a subject as below..Please create your story and send us. Also any comment will be welcome,   E-mail us freely.
Story of two bricklayers.

Imagine two bricklayers who react differently for every facts.
One is a square minded person. Another is a free visioned.
They start stacking bricks straight up to the sky.
The bricks are designed as exact rectangular blocks, but the real products are slitly distorted.
What's New
Abel Abbott

SH's Scketch
How do you make what would happen?

Here are bricks and cement. Please compose story,
and send to us.

Looking forward to hear from you.                                          SH.
@ Story of two bricklayers
by Jessica Liu
      Age: 16

There was once a man who lived to perfection, everything was even and leveled to the last detail. This man was also a bricklayer. He worked hard and long.  He was taught by his father, who had also been a bricklayer, that each brick is unique and only when you look at the bigger picture they're all the same. Although successful in his work he was alone. His way of perfecting every detail of his life caused him much faults when it came to falling in love. He spent so much time making sure everything was perfect that he didn' t have time to find the perfect girl

One day while he was laying bricks on a plot of houses being built in a new site a little white puppy came bouncing into the construction site. He looked at the puppy. It was really messy and there was a pink bow tie to its head that was sitting to one side. As the puppy came near he gave it a pat and straightened the bow.  "Cute isn't she?" came a voice.  He looked up and saw the prettiest face smiling down at him. Then he stood up and took a step back so he could see her full length. She was tall, black hair, button nose, big eyes, big hazel brown eyes you can just get lost in.  "Chi Chi is just excited cause we're moving here soon." she giggled, "that house you're building right now is going to be ours!"  she smiled and when she smiled he noticed something. She had little vampire teeth which stuck out a little more then the rest, her hair was tied to one side, none of her clothes matched and even her socks were odd. She bent down to pick up her dog and she pulled the bow over so it was crooked again.

Strangely the builder thought to himself, "this girl has nothing even about her but she seems almost perfect." The girl was looking at the house and then asked  "why is everything so even?"  He looked confused but explained "because if it wasn't even then the structure wouldn't hold.  It'll be weak".  She nodded slowly "oh I understand, but it looks so restricted and stiff like there is no art or freedom in its structure do you know what I mean?"  He stepped back and looked at the structure "yeah actually I do."

A couple of days later.

"Chi Chi!! Come back!!" She ran after her dog back to the site where her new house was. When she got there she was amazed to see that the house was built with perfect bricks but her windows were tilted and made of mosaic images or her beloved pet. "Wow," she muttered in awe. From behind her came a voice, "Do you like it?" The brick layer stood behind her looking at his work " love it" .it's different but perfect. and it tells a story and its has a little part of me. "Thank you so much!" he shook his head, "No thank YOU for showing me that things don't have to be perfect to be beautiful."

The moral of the story is to never expect things to be perfect because you will find that you wouldn't be disappointed if things don't turn out the way you planned. In an ideal world everything is perfect but in reality, perfect is different in everyone's eyes. You just need to learn to see it through each other's perspective.

@ Story of two bricklayers
by Kyaw Latt (Joe)

The quitting bricklayers

"Boy, the bricks have to be perfect and even, no, that's not right" the older bricklayer said. The younger bricklayer, who was trying as hard as he could to try to build up this wall, looked up from laying the bricks. In his eyes, the bricks were perfectly even, he didn't understand what his partner was complaining about.
"Ok, I'll fix it. I'll make it better." he said casually. He tried to build up the wall again but this time as meticulously as he could, making every bit perfect. He looked at his partner. From the day, he started working with him; his partner had fussed over his work and pointed out minor, small mistakes and always forced him to do them again. He knew, deep inside his partner was a good person and that was why he endured to stick with him for over a month now. But he was getting worse and told him off on every little mistake he made. And he was getting enough of the guy's garbage. Next time, if the guy fretted about his work, he was going to quit. He had enough of it.
"Look at that bricks; did you really get a qualification? Do them again." the older man ordered.
The next day when he came to work, the younger guy wasn't there. Only a letter was on his table. It states his partner had quitted.

With respect and thanks we publish following Three Stories.
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