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__ Current Study ____Drawing by Pencil
Title Memo Sketch for study of VICTORIAN LADIES (2004-2012)
Production Trial 01 Metaphorical discration_F discration_F2 discretion_V sensation
Drawing M 02
_ Process viewer
_ "Woman in the wind"
Image Study 00 The Humanity
Composition 00 Human Relation
DrawingML01 Archaic
_ Process viewer
_ "To be felicity Ex01"
Drawing M 03
_ a Report of coverage
__ QuickTime movie
A Victorious lady
Image Study 01 Light through the window
Drawing 00 Mechan
Drawing 01 Me-e

__ Study of Visualization ____ Panel construction as "The Scale"; 90 x 90 x 360 cm/Acrylic on paper
Title Memo Sample view from each side
Plan Idea sketch, drawings,Exhibiton beyond tne site
Geometry Idea of figure
Life Visible apperance
ObjectObjective recognition
FieldField of Energy

__ Research for Element of the vision
Title Memo Sample view
NandA study001Art and Nature Sample NandA001
NandA study002--FigureEffort of recognition of figure
NandA study003--Tone----
Dynamic elementcomming soon
Glowing elementcomming soon

__ Dynamic portrait Series _________Click thumbnails then display will appear in new window( or tub). Shockwave player required
Image & Title download size Kanimation _ Sample view
02anima ICONKan023,681k Sample Kan9
03anima ICONKanIMD81,843k
04anima ICONKcrMovie8-2d3,890k
05anima ICONKcrMovie8-35,521k
06anima ICONDreamyK4,455k
07anima ICONKdw-pht3,953k
08anima ICONTwoSides6,649k
09anima ICONKanimation8,354k

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Melbourne Studio panorama view Mar 2004 June 2005 ----

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