I am composing my drawings in the hope that they will be realized as meaningful suggestions for humankind in the now. As I understand it , we are facing a bleak, apocalyptic future. Humanity needs wisdom. We need to create a way for all individuals to appreciate the phenomenon of existence and to, thus, help ensure we continue as a species whilst maintaining our status as evolving sentient beings. I think this requires urgent awareness of ourselves as a hybrid form of language based theoretical figments and primordial, organic instinct. This may be essential to our survival. The reactions of women may be the best examples we have of appropriate states of being. To be good, in ones heart, soul and head, is the natural female state. We need to examine and emulate this if we are to survive.

Japanese translation

Idea sketch for Composition

The human Relation

Currently under research




Natur of Woman

The Victorian Lady


"Natural breeze"



"Conscientiousness : Seed of Just"


The singer

The Executor

Joy of Friendship


Transfer of Joy

No title yet



As she is


Part of Nature

Blood of art




Mediterranern wind




"Presenting Joy"

"Quest for the reality by real eyes"

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