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Subject for Story
Study for "The neoVictorian Ladies" by SH
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Abel Abbott

SH's Scketch
"The neoVictorian Ladies"
I named a series of portrait as "The neoVictorian ladies", so a bunch of my sketches supposed to be called as "The neoVictorian ladies Book". My work plan is a set of multiple drawings of women, by pencil on paper.  I expect to show some positive effects for our future, and hope this could work like music or moderate jokes.  I have been looking for such an appearance of the people since I moved to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.   I would make my drawings with thankfulness to whom I have met.
-> about "The neoVictorian Ladies Book"
-> about "The neoVictorian Ladies Book"
Drawing personal figure
   Any figurative portrait may be easy to see because the image shows directly human. A goal of this work is to draw constructive hints in human appearance.
Some of viewpoints are followings; 
   Images of women's nature.
   If could find the edge between subjectivity and objectivity by focusing on our instinct.
   The instinct to live. The knowledge about life. How we think.
   Well-balanced talent with intuition and intelligence;Gifts by the nature.
Why am I in Victoria, Australia    I moved to Melbourne in 2002 because I intuited great potential to develop a next stage for society general.    As my view, Australia is a country which is;
   A land holding wildness to be preserved.    A growing society to be a multicultural one from English colony.    An incubator for the people who could think about the art and the life. 
    An active society with telecommunication.
-> about "The neoVictorian Ladies Book"
I have been seeing excellent facial expressions.This may be happened because of my view point as an artist.
I may be lucky, but I would like to understand this phenomenon not because of their uniqueness but because of the nature as a woman. Currently my focus of the drawings is women's appearance which may suggest our way of life I did not filter models deliberately
only have encountered and found out how they are.
 Just like passers-by viewed through a window.The status and occasions may not be enough to
judge as statistic conclusion though
I hope and am sure their grace would be general.
Women's behavior to live seems like being based on 
their pureness and certainty.
May this be encouraging all.
Study for 'The element of picture' by SH
I am searching effective element to compose pictures which I am going to create.              S.H.