MOTO introduction
'MOTO Expressions'  have kept moving ahead?
What would be considered as the difference between expressions and information?  As a daily level of meaning may be a view point. If it appears as subjective or objective. In other words if what would be a personal idea or common fact. However a subjective view would stand on information which would be believed as a fact, an objective view suppose to stand on the facts that would be created within a limit of vision and intelligence. 
The activity by 'MOTO Expressions' may cut the edge of those limitation...hopefully...Trials are by two Australians based on European and Japanese culture as Abel Abbott and Shuhei Hamasaki at AA Laboratory and SH Studio.
First episodes of this year are AA started a restaurant in a real world. SH moved studio sapce enhanced capability for modification of materials .
 The phisical office of MOTO Exoressions is in Melbourne, Australia.
April   2009 
Shuhei Hamasaki 
sprout 1994
​under construction
  May 2023
   Shuhei Hamasaki

After 2 years of communication trial SH focus on the effect by the resolution of expression. Subject is still human life.
March 2016
   Shuhei Hamasaki

The same to 2014.
   December 2015
   Shuhei Hamasaki

SH works on simple sketch focusing on possible effects for human life with internet.
  June 2014
  Shuhei Hamasaki